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In this class you will learn about making a quiet but powerful connection with cats through TTouch and other modalities. The methods I use are non-invasive, always letting the cat lead the session. It is all about truly being in the moment with the cats, It is in those moments of connection that magic can happen.
TTouch is a gentle, yet extremely powerful modality to share with cats. As it affects the nervous system, it helps the animal physically, emotionally, and behaviorally. For example:
-    Cats in shelter environments who were initially thought to be unadoptable, can become calm, confident and open to socialization, thus becoming adoptable.
-    Cats in forever homes, who are having difficulty adjusting to the environment, people, or other animals in the household, can experience tremendous improvement with TTouch. 
-    Older cats with health challenges can experience a greater sense of well-being (both physically and emotionally) and better quality of life.
-    Cats with mobility issues can achieve better balance and ease of movement.
Whether TTouch is new to you, or, if you wish to expand your knowledge, including more detailed work specific to cats, this course will address your needs.

Meet Your Instructor

Sarah Hauser has had extensive experience with cats in shelters as well as with private clients. She will share some approaches that have helped her reach even the most challenging of these sensitive beings, combining TTouch techniques and tools with other modalities and techniques. There are many ways of connecting with cats even if you are not able to touch the cat. Some of the most subtle ways of connecting can be the most powerful, and Sarah will describe how a gentle, gradual approach can foster deep and lasting bonds with cats. 

Betty K and Augusta

Sarah’s course was invaluable in making newly-adopted Augusta more comfortable. She arrived with arthritis and mobility issues, and I wanted so much to help her, aside from what our veterinarian could do. Sarah’s advice about holding a positive image and imagining her as her best self, and reading her body language, is something I continue to do even when not doing the Ttouch work itself. 

Kathy Cascade (TTouch instructor and practitioner)

(above are before and after pics of Sarah's work with BARC Shelter cat Berry)

"Sarah radiates a soft, calm, and compassionate demeanor in her work with both animals and people. Her ability to bring even the most fearful and traumatized cats back to a state of engagement is beautiful to witness. She has given the gift of helping so many animals once again feel safe in the world, allowing them to be adopted into new loving homes. I so appreciate her skills and highly recommend her fantastic online class!"

Paula, Curley and Harry

I very recently signed up for your online class "Cats Are Our Teachers" and wanted to share this little story about my interation with my 5 year old cat Harry.  

I have had Harry since he was 9 months old. I adopted him and his beautiful brother Curley who I recently lost. They came as a package deal. I am convinced it was not because they were bonded but because Harry was so shy and skittish it would have been hard finding him a home. Anyway Harry has done well with me with one concern. I live in the country and Harry just loves being outside doing what cats like to do. However, when he comes inside at the end of the day he meows constantly to go back out. I mean MEOWS CONSTANTLY!!! For hours if I don't let him back outside. He just can't seem to settle himself. It has been painful for both Harry and I...until 2 days ago. I got out a long handled blick type paint brush and I gently stroked his head and back which he absolutely loved. I spent much time with him as he obviously was enjoying it so much purring!!! He then began initiating the interaction like rubbing up next to the brush sort of stroking himself. He just couldn't get enough! And NO MEOWING!!!! Then jumped up next to me and went sound asleep! Not another peep out of him! I repeated the process with him again yesterday when he came in again at the end of day and just like the previous day he settled down, enjoyed the stroking and eventually climed up to where I was sitting and off to sleep he went....WOW! Never would I dream that could happen! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with everyone. Maybe someday I can work with challenged cats as I feel so rewarded to have helped Harry. I believe Curley led me to you so I could be helped and then I could help Harry. Curley was the most relaxed chill cat I have ever had....actually the most chill living being I've ever known. He taught me how living was supposed to look and feel like. Now you have too. Thank you SO MUCH!!! 

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sarah hauser, cats, therapy, cat therapy
Calming Fearful and Feral Cats in Shelters and Homes

This subtle but powerful work fosters calm and harmony. Sarah has worked with so many cats who were thought to be unadoptable and has helped them become calm, confident and ready for a forever home.

cats with mobility issues, ttouch, calming cats,
Help for Cats With Mobility Issues and Senior Cats

This work fosters improved sense of balance physically and emotionally.

overstimulated cats, helping feisty cats, ttouch, ttouch tools
Help Calm Ultra-Sensitive, and Feisty Cats:)

This work can help to shift sensitive cats who easily become overstimulated, and help them to learn how they can be calmer and have a more peaceful connection with you.

What's In the Course:

  Welcome to Cats Are Our Teachers: The Power of Quiet Connection
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  Section 1 - Basic Concepts
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  Section 2 - Detailed Demos and Lectures on the Work
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  Section 3 - Brushing, Treats, Clicker Training, Wraps and Thundershirts
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  Final Thoughts
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  Resources Handout Section
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